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Candice Horbacz | About

Candice Horbacz is an active Lifestyle blogger, Social Media Influencer, and Live Streamer who mainly focuses on cooking amazing and healthy recipes, traveling possibly around the world, and restaurant blogging (recommendations and such).

Candice Horbacz and her husband Erik Horbacz have several business opportunities and philanthropic works outside the social media world. Eric is also an entrepreneur who ventures in food and beverage management. Their business offers a solution for bars and restaurants. Now,  they are both working on media projects such as live TV shows, online streaming programs, social media campaigns, and many others.

She believes that her passion lies in sharing her thoughts about good food, best nutrition, fitness & health, and of course, beauty! Candice Horbacz firmly believes in the thought that if you want to stay healthy and fit, you need to invest in making good food and that means making healthy recipes that will surely benefit not only your physical well-being but also your mind. She strives hard on making recipes and sharing them on her YouTube channel, making thousands of subscribers to adore her simple way of entertaining people by using her magnificent cooking skills.

Her love for her followers didn’t end there when she decided to make this little space on the internet where she can professionally showcase everything in one place – anything from beauty tips, recipes, good food, fitness advice, and even lifestyle hacks!

Candice Horbacz has a positive mindset and great love for her passion that she wants everyone to know about it through her blogs and videos on YouTube.

Do you want to know more about Candice, Erik, and her love for food? Well, you are here for a reason. Send us a suggestion, a comment, or recommendation of what to blog in the future – or even what to cook and where to travel. That would be definitely awesome! Shall we?