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Candice Horbacz | How To Take Care Of Your Knives

Candice Horbacz says regardless of the nature of the material used for knives, the knives’ blades can rust and disintegrate after some time if the won’t be able to take care of it the proper way. A sharp knife is a good friend in the kitchen. Who would want a knife that can’t give you an ideal cut especially of your meats? In order for your kitchen knives to be like this, keep this following tips in mind.

Make Sure To Clean Your Knives After Using

When washing the knife, Candice Horbacz says you need to be careful. Make sure that the pointy edge of the cutting blade is pointed far from you. Never submerge the knife underwater to wash it, rather use a dishcloth to cautiously wipe the edge: the dull best side first and after that the more keen edge.

Don’t use a dishwasher even if you are really tempted to do so. Harsh detergents can make your knives easily develop rusty edges as well the humidity inside it.

Sharpen Your Knives

Candice Horbacz says there are so many ways on how to sharpen your knives. However, the most well-known ways are using a precious stone or a whetstone, or water stone. Catch up with a sharpening steel to adjust the blade. Some homeowners use a whetstone to sharpen the blades of a knife and you can try which one works best for you.

Before sharpening your knives using the whetstones, make sure they are wet by submerging them into the water for something like 45 minutes. The surface of the whetstone must be wet while the blade is being honed against them.

To keep them wet, ready a bowl of water adjacent to soak the stone if necessary. Every now and then there will be mud developing on the surface of the whetstone and that is okay.

Keep Your Knives Sharp

Candice Horbacz also adds to not use your ceramic tiles sink for cutting. There are cutting boards that are plastic or wood that can be friendly enough to your knives set. Don’t make the wrong move of cutting vegetables on the granite and steel tiles because these surfaces can make the blades go dull.

Keep A Clean Storage For Your Knives

Candice Horbacz believes that some people are not aware of how to store knives which is the primary reason why they need to buy another set after a month or so. However, there are a number of secure and effective ways to store these blades. There are knife rolls, wooden racks, or even magnetized holders you can usually see on TV. Just keep in mind that this storage should stay as clean as the knives to avoid rust and to keep them sharp.

Keep In Mind How You Handle Knives

While passing a knife, make sure that the handle is the one that is extended toward the person that will pick it up. Be careful when doing it because it might hurt you as well. If there’s a need for you to carry a knife around the room, remember to hold the knife straight down at your side with the sharp edge facing behind you.