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Candice Horbacz | It’s Okay To Reheat But Not These Foods

Candice Horbacz | Who didn’t reheat their meals for dinner? If you didn’t, well, you’re lucky enough and probably no need to worry. But if you do, take a look at this. This might change your way of thinking in reheating your favorite meals. Image Source:


Yes, the chicken should not be reheated – twice. The reason why is because of the protein composition in the chicken meal changes when it is heated. You can heat it once and should consume it in one sitting. It won’t kill you but it can cause digestive difficulties. If you want to reheat that fried chicken, make sure it’s thoroughly cooked and you are sure you can munch it all in an hour because reheating it again can send you to a doctor in few months time.


As per the Food Standards Agency, “Uncooked rice can contain spores of microscopic organisms that can cause sustenance harming. At the point when the rice is cooked, the spores can survive…Then, if the rice is left remaining at room temperature, the spores will increase and may deliver harms that reason spewing or looseness of the bowels. Warming the rice won’t dispose of these toxic substances.


Reheating a potato that has been left in a room temperature for like 4 hours can increase the growth level of Clostridium botulinum, a rare bacteria that causes botulism. Botulism is a fatal illness that shows symptoms like muscles weakness. This weakness could spread to other parts of the body quickly like the neck, arms, and legs. This illness can weaken the muscle that is used for people to breathe, which can lead to death.

It usually starts with the weakness of the muscles that control the eyes, face, mouth, and throat. This weakness may spread to the neck, arms, torso, and legs. Botulism also can weaken the muscles involved in breathing, which can lead to difficulty breathing and even death.

Reheating can’t kill these toxins so it’s better to keep them refrigerated instead of leaving them in a room temperature and reheating them after a few hours.


Same as the mother chicken, eggs should not be reheated. Whether it is scrambled or boiled – it should not be. While eggs are a great source of protein, they can also cause digestive problems when reheated improperly after being left in a room temperature for too long. If you want to reheat them, keep them inside the refrigerator to avoid the high temperature to develop bacteria and other toxins on your cooked eggs before reheating them. That is only if you really need to get something for breakfast that you cannot cook anything aside from your dinner leftovers.


Celery is best eaten raw, however, most of the time, it is being added to soups and other store-bought foods as an additional nutrient – especially for little children.

Celery has nitrates, which is really can be deadly when reheated. These nitrates release carcinogenic properties. Carcinogens cause changes in the human cell structure and can definitely lead to cancer. So if you have consumed a lot of reheated celery these days, then you must worry about yourself. Quit reheating it. Eat them fresh, if you can’t, then try to cook celery that is enough in one meal so that you don’t need to have it as a leftover.

Do you think you can avoid reheating them? If your answer is yes, I am happy for you.