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Candice Horbacz | Top 5 Beaches in the World

Sunshine, blue skies, clear waters — for many people like Candice Horbacz these are the ingredients to a perfect vacation. With travel agencies and surveying firms coming out with their own “best of” lists every few months, tourists may not know where to head to first. This is a happy problem however says Candice Horbacz, as this means there’s always another adventure lined up. If you’re sourcing opinions on where the best beaches in the world are, the following destinations should be in your radar:

1. Phuket – You’ve probably heard dozens of stories of young professionals taking a vacation in Phuket and falling in love with the aquamarine beaches and culture. So much so that some extend their stay for as long as possible and end up resigning from work to live the life of a digital nomad. Perhaps what makes this plan feasible for some is the cheap cost of living in Thailand shares Candice Horbacz. A dollar will go a long way here and afford tourists many luxuries that will cost at least thrice as much back home.

2. Costa Rica – With the diversity of Big Island and the beauty of Phuket, Costa Rica claims a spot on the list with its abundant wildlife like monkeys and jaguars. It helps too that spending your vacation here is relatively affordable. One place popular among tourists is the La Paz Waterfall Gardens, a natural splendor overflowing with flora and fauna.

3. Santorini – There’s a reason why pictures of Santorini can pass for postcards — the whitewashed homes surrounded by the blue Aegean Sea are simply iconic. Plus, Santorini has a rich history that lends the island city a shroud of mystery says Candice Horbacz. One of the best beaches here is Kamari Beach, a unique beach blessed with black sand from the island’s volcanic activity.

4. Nice – Representing the beautiful beaches found in France, Nice is a prime port town that promises an enriching vacation, with jazz clubs and Baroque architecture coming together at a stretch of the Mediterranean shore. At night however, the high culture takes a back seat and Nice transforms into a party town. Candice Horbacz suggests booking a vacation here during the months of September to October.

5. Maldives – Now if you’re looking for the ultimate experience in luxury vacationing, Candice Horbacz suggests making a stop at Maldives. You can book your own private villa here, claiming a piece of paradise as your backyard during your stay. Once you’re done snapping photos for Instagram, go scuba diving and snorkeling as personal butler awaits your service requests.

How many of these places have you been to? Share your experiences with Candice Horbacz!